Karen Farrow has lived in Frederick for over 25 years. She is married to Jim and they have two adult children, Eric and Jennifer. Her father instilled in her a strong work ethic, and she has excelled and been promoted in every job she has ever had. In 2004, Karen began coordinating events. Her successes include a silent auction that raised $25,000 and a ground-breaking ceremony attended by over 200 guests. Karen had discovered her passion.

In 2012 she opened Celebrated Events, which she operates with part- time help from her husband, Jim, and her daughter, Jenni. She uses her 14 years of experience managing many different types of events to turn her client’s visions into reality, one detail at a time.

Karen is a good listener. Her ability to understand what you want from your event is critical. She pays attention to what is said in key conversations and ensures that all parties share the same expectations. Karen has excellent communication skills. She can ensure that the goals of the event are clear to everyone involved. She can understand your vision for the event and effectively share the concept and get others excited about it, too. Karen can communicate to everyone involved in the event in a clear, confident, and respectful way.

She is a creative problem solver. Whether it’s applying some emergency duct tape or crafting an extra flower arrangement from existing arrangements at the last minute, she is resourceful with the supplies at hand. She enjoys finding creative solutions to the challenges that arise. Her ability to stay calm and continue to treat everyone with respect, no matter what, is key to her success. In her job, Karen works with a wide range of people: clients, vendors, staff, and event attendees. She can negotiate with confidence, but still be pleasant. No matter what happens, she keeps her sense of humor.

Karen is passionate about her work. She loves making all the different pieces of an event: theme, guests, venue, décor, entertainment and food, come together. She can ensure that your event delivers on what attendees want and expect. She works tirelessly to ensure that all her clients’ events are the best they can be.